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Don't Give Up On God

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  • Author:  Elizabeth Abdulkadir-Martins
  • Price:  £7.99
  • Published Date:    30-05-2022
  • Pages:  110
  • Cover Type:  Paperback
  • ISBN:  9781838233860

Don’t Give Up On God is medicinal in giving hope. It will help you to know more about who God is and his work. It talks about God; how God loves you; how you can connect to God and how you can have a relationship with God. God knows us even before we are formed in our mothers’ wombs; so, it is very good for us to know who God is to benefit more from him.

In Life, people always focus on what they want from God; we don't always want to know what God wants us to do for him. God has given me this topic to write to encourage someone out there, who is about to give up on God. You have prayed, fasted, praised & worshipped God and have not received an answer to your prayers; it is time to think about what God has laid in your heart to do for him. As you are reading this book, make a decision to know and please God; remember with God all things are possible. Thus, taking the first step to pleasing God is going to see you through.

You don't have to become a Pastor before you can have a ministry. What you are going through now is your ministry; experience is the best teacher. I pray as you are reading this book today, your mind will open for God to show up for you and grant you all your heart desires in Jesus’ mighty name - amen.

Table of Content
  • Dedication ======================
  • Acknowledgment===================
  • Introduction ==================== i
  • Chapter One ===================== 1
  • Who is God? =====================
  • Chapter Two ===================== 5
  • Names of God =====================
  • Chapter Three ===================== 20
  • Why you don’t have to give up on God? ==========
  • Chapter Four ===================== 25
  • Relationship with God =====================
  • Chapter Five ===================== 30
  • Biblical Men and Women that didn’t give up on God ======
  • Chapter Six ===================== 88
  • My Don’t Give Up On God Testimonial Song ===============
  • Chapter Seven ===================== 90
  • My Uncommon Experience =====================
  • Chapter Eight ======================== 103
  • Epilogue =====================
  • Chapter Nine ===================== 105
  • Prayer Points for Spiritual Growth =====================

Virtuous Woman

Elizabeth Abdulkadir-Martins is a beautician by profession. She is also a devoted Christian - a member of RCCG. She is a God fearing woman who is committed to God?s work. Her Life experiences have drawn her more in to the teaching of the holy bible. In particular, scriptures pertaining to the lives of Virtuous Women. This knowledge has empowered her in her professional work, family life and in spirituality.

She is embarked on a mission to pass on as much as she has accomplished to other women. Becoming a Virtuous Woman she says is all about doing God?s work in your daily activities.

Elizabeth strongly believes in God and the truth in God. Having been converted from a Muslim to a Christian from an environment and a situation one can only describe as intractable is testimony in itself. One thing is certain - God has transformed her life. And she is on a mission of letting every one know about it. Life lead by Virtuous Women in the bible such as Hannah, Sarah, Ruth and Elizabeth is where her source of empowerment derives.

Elizabeth is married to Engr Kolawole Abdulkadir- Martins and they are blessed with children. She is using this platform to share her life testimony - A fascinating story of hardship, bleakness, depression, oppression to one of Joy and Happiness through God. ?I pray God will give you the grace to become a Virtuous woman in Jesus? name Amen.?