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If you think writing is your calling or you are young and just about starting out, we are here to hold your hands and guide you through the fosty world of publishing - a domain once the preserved of a very selective few

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You are a young gifted orator - with a natural ability to put words into prose and command the attention of others. We can take you to the next step of publishing to a wider audience

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Sometimes, those with a commonality tend to create an atmosphere that is conducive to a given purpose - writing. We create this atmosphere so that you can leverage on others' concept to be more productive.

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International Law And Relations

John Ruskin - The Man With A Vision For Britain

Spiritual And Social Mediumism

Comparative Curriculum Analysis

Don't Give Up On God

The Future Of Nigeria - Second Edition

Igbo Numerical System

Divine Alert

The Exposition Of The Bible

The Origin And End Of Caste

Comparative Curriculum Analysis

Igbo Heritage

Humanising Classrooms For Curriculum Development

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There is a natural synergy between writing and Publishing. However, as we are sure most would be writers will confirm, the later - publishing is never as straight forward as you had in mind.

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Setting up a three hundred pages you have written for publication in a word document is not child's play - Paragrahs,TOC, Page No, Appendix,Foot Note etc.etc notwitstanding

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This used to be the preserved of a chosen few. Now, with the internet and a bunch of software suites you are spoiled for choice. With so many options you now have a new set of problems.

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Our Core Principles

Publish Your Data

Political correctness is for the feeble in spirit and faith. If you belive shout it out

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Writing is not science but a calling from one’s atomism. Have you had a call for something from your secret-code? Yes, a calling, you hear it from afar but feel it very clear and loud inwardly

In their deeds, We Shall Know Them

When your conviction is strong, your deeds become soft sell. Tolerance is the virtue of a person with self-conviction.

Client's Feedback

I published my first book last year thanks to the guys at NedPress.From proof reading, designing covers and eventually printing - they were brilliant. Now, I got 20 purchases through their website how sweet.

Mary Abiola


I am on course to publishing my Maiden Book. Suffice it to say that without Nedpress, I ‘ll still be in limbo so to speak for clues and direction. I cannot wait for the second project to start

John Smith

Local Government


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Our blog section provides all the latest news in publishing and about publishing but not necessarily exclusive. We invariably diverge to current event and politics when we feel the urge to respond or contribute to a debate affecting all of us.

The Unfolding Identity of Britain Challenges and Reflections

As keen observers of Britain’s evolution, we ponder the path this great nation treads. Baseless arguments, shifting sentiments, and deviations from tradition raise critical questions: What lies ahead? How will radicalization shape Britain’s destiny? There is a critical need for compassion, empathy, and nuance understanding for a prosperous Britain for the next generation.

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Moving the Head Quarter of the Catholic Church from Rome

Is it the right idea to suggest moving the headquarters of the Church, what a novel idea by the Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Hartford (Connecticut-USA), Rt. Rev. Christopher Coyne? Oh, what is the church; what is the church supposed to do well that the Roman Head Quarter is preventing, to warrant its moving out? He must be a coward or novice to suggest moving out the Roman Catholic Church’s headquarters from Rome, what do you think?

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